Monday, 22 October 2012

Spooky Biscuits

In the night time, the small person and I made some Spooky Biscuits! We were going to make Monster Muffins, but I realised we didn't have any eggs.

We made them like this:
150g butter, creamed with 50g sugar. Mixed in 150g flour
(and blue food colouring).

For decorating, we made blue icing with water and icing sugar (and blue food colouring). For the faces we snipped raisins and dried mixed peels into shapes for teeth, eyebrows, lips, noses etc. And we used Dr. Oetker Soft Shimmer Pearls for eyes and sniped up some Sugar Butterflies for noses and teeth.

It was fun to do as they can be as messy and as 'orrible looking as you like!



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