Monday 13 January 2014

Dream Job

My friend got me a job in space as an apprentice zero gravity clothing designer.
When I went for my induction, they were working on getting baggy cardigans to keep their shape.
The cardigans would float up and around getting in the way of the hands and face, but they were currently developing a material with a new type of light flexible mesh carefully weaved in, which moved freely but also kept it's original shape.
When I was being shown around the space base I was so excited, I was thinking, ''No one is going to believe me, that I was in space today.''
Even though the pay was great and everyone was really nice and the job itself was creative, inventive, fun and relaxed, I was so scared, because of the dangers and complications of working in space. At one point I was sort of feeling a bit panicky and claustrophobic on this small space base. I wasn't sure if I should take the job, but I was thinking, 'this is one of the best jobs I could ever get, don't freak out just because it's in space'. It seems, however, that there are shuttles to and from the space base so you get to go back home to earth every day after work.
I woke up. A little disappointed that I hadn't actually been to space.
Hope I still get the job.
I drew a picture.

Not sure how we were able to walk around in zero g, it might have been the magnetic gravity simulation boots we were wearing. Probably something they'd designed at the space base.