Wednesday 24 April 2013

Monday 1 April 2013

Cool Down

One day I was making a handwriting alphabet on a piece of paper.
I drew some sleepy figures.
They were tiny on the page.
After I'd scanned the paper I put it in the scrap paper pile.
The scrap paper pile was approached by a very small person.
The small person found the alphabet tiny drawing paper.
And the small person coloured the tiny figures in.
She used warm colours.
It looked like they were very hot.
She added suns.
They were dehydrating.
She drew some water jugs.
The water poured over them.
To cool them down.
I like it when the small person colours in and adds to drawings.
It makes them in to something different.
She has a good eye for colour.
It's a good collaboration.

 Okay I'd better go.

Lot's of love