Sunday 26 February 2012

adventure time

My goodness, I almost forgot. The other day Erin and I made these cool wee Finn and Jake cutouts! you can find the templates here to print out. They got lots of other characters too.

The fun things you can do with spare time are infinite.

okay then see you
from Cat

rubik's cube

My friend Ruth came round today. She solved the rubik's cube in a matter of minutes.
That is a big deal for me, I'm amazed.
I didn't think I knew anyone who could do that.

 from Cat

Friday 24 February 2012

The Amazing Canal

Erin and I were walking along the canal today, and we saw this canal boat with its windows open and little ledges at the window.
Turns out it is a little boat-kitchen selling food and drinks.
I love the canal, it is amazing.
We wanted to get something from the canal-boat-kitchen boat. But we didn't get anything cos of we'd had our lunch already ken. But we went and spoke to the lady, she was all like 'we are open from 7am every day.' and i was all like 'no way, how long you been here.' and she was all like 'this is our third week.' and I was all like 'we'll come back another day when we havn't already eaten lunch.' and she was like 'okay bye' and I was like 'bye' and Erin was like 'bye' too.


from Cat

Monday 20 February 2012

Well it is time to at least start this thing.


There are 3 flies in my bathroom. There also seem to be many more all over the house. I've had the heating on more since I finished the 9-5 work, so they must believe its summer and time to wake up. However it is not summer. It is still very much winter by my books, what with it being very, very cold outside and still February. They've been about for well over a week. Someone said that house flies only live for one week. I wonder how much longer they will live for?
I promise not to google this.

from Cat