Friday 15 June 2012

So i have been making a lot of jewellery lately, earrings, bracelets, stuff like that. Just decided to put this one up on ebay to see what happens. But there are so many skull bracelets in the world, fighting for fame... how does one tiny little nobody skull bracelet get out into the world to make it big. By posing nude for playboy that's how!

Love you
from Cat

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Oh yes! Look! I made this animation...

We were at a wedding last weekend at Burgie House in Forres. What an amazing place. look at this little hut fence gate thing at the back of the house, while the sun was setting.
And the wedding was fantastic.

Lots of love from Cat
'yo-yo bird' by Cat Bruce available on RedBubble

I went ahead and got the 'yo-yo bird' baby t-shirt as a gift for a friend. I'm glad i did, because it is cool, and that baby will be the envy of all the other babies.

Guess what...

 'Yo-yo bird' is available to buy here on Redbubble in all different colours, sizes, styles, for kids and grown ups...

love is okay!