Monday, 20 February 2012

Well it is time to at least start this thing.


There are 3 flies in my bathroom. There also seem to be many more all over the house. I've had the heating on more since I finished the 9-5 work, so they must believe its summer and time to wake up. However it is not summer. It is still very much winter by my books, what with it being very, very cold outside and still February. They've been about for well over a week. Someone said that house flies only live for one week. I wonder how much longer they will live for?
I promise not to google this.

from Cat


  1. Are they big, black flies? Or teensy weensy ones? :P

  2. big black flies. they are all buzzy and i keep getting frights off them when i walk into a room.

    1. They're the worst! Some fly spray might get rid of them - don't squish them in case they release lots of eggs...

  3. yukky. I might just wait until they go naturally, I don't know if I could spray them. There's not really a good enough reason to. I suppose at least I have lots of company...
    thanks for the advice though, if they start trying to kill us I will use the spray.