Thursday, 8 March 2012

They have started to die

Here lies proof of the death of a fly. It is the 8th of March today. This particular fly, I know went into my lamp to die two days ago. I'm estimating it's time of death to be late evening on Tuesday the 6th of March. This is the first dead fly I have found. The house is silent today. Over the past few weeks all the rooms have been buzzing with at least 2 of these flies. And over the past 4 days, the flies have become dizzy and even more annoying, slowly bumbling round the room, no longer frightened of the wave of a hand, getting into the lampshades and bouncing off the light bulbs. Now, there is silence...  
My rough estimate of the lifespan of a fly (based on these findings), would have to be 3 to 4 weeks.

see you later


  1. Hurray!

    I think you should become a scientist :P

  2. hehe, poor fly. Looks like it's been decapitated?

  3. I think i will become a scientist!

    hey Dave, I don't think it was decapitated, it was all crumbly though, so maybe its head fell off when i tipped it out of the lamp.